Give your workforce the skills they need
Director John Brooks providing media training
A screenshot from an e-learning training resource about hazardous substances
A screenshot of a mobilisation training video showing how to call a lift

The world around us is constantly changing; the rate of development of new technology means it’s easy for your employees to get left behind. So, you need training resources that give them the information they need quickly, in a way they can easily understand.

At White Hart we know what it takes to make an effective training resource. Likewise, we understand the approaches required for different audiences. You might need a video to show a process, a suite of e-learning modules on a variety of topics, or face-to-face media or presentation training for yourself or your staff. We have the skills, experiences and resources to help you not only know what you need to know, but understand it too.


Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
– Albert Einstein

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