BBVS Dramas

BBVS are a contractor tasked with building the new Old Oak Common station in West London for HS2. They commissioned White Hart to provide a rolling programme of dramas. These are re-enactments, to challenge unsafe behaviours and promote a safe working environment.

Each drama depicts a real-life incident or near-miss that has occurred on the Old Oak Common project. Events are dramatised using the worst-case scenario outcome to highlight the serious risks to the audience. The dramas have a high production value, using professional actors, special effects make-up and drone footage. As well as filming on the construction site, we make use of domestic locations and archive site footage.

While the finished dramas are highly impactful and relatable, they also engage the project workforce whilst presenting underlying safety messages and specific learning objectives. After watching, the project workforce will understand what went wrong and what the potential impacts were. Viewers are also able to identify how to avoid similar incidents happening in the future.

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