Tideway Emergency Training

White Hart, in partnership with Make UK, have delivered several business continuity workshops to leadership teams across Tideway. We produce social media feeds and both pre-recorded greenscreen and live TV reports, to add realism and increase the sense of urgency to the bespoke emergency scenario developed for each session. In addition, we attend the workshop to play the part of the press, in phone calls and doorstep interviews which are very likely to happen in a real emergency scenario. We follow this up with a media-training session where we review the performance of the team and discuss best practice for the future, in line with the company’s media strategy.

In conjunction with the business continuity training, in 2019 we recorded a practical rescue simulation involving the London Fire Brigade and the team at Tideway’s Deptford Church Street site. Despite the torrential rain, we filmed the two-hour session on four cameras, including a GoPro attached to the leader of the Fire Brigade time to record a first-person view of the sequence of events. We then edited the angles together into a full-length version for analysis and a 20-minute edit showing the main action. This has proven to be an invaluable training tool for the project and their emergency procedures are undoubtedly more robust as a result.

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