Site inductions

With nearly 25 years of working in the utilities and construction industry, White Hart has developed an induction training package which has been recognised as industry best practice by one of the top 10 contractors in the country.

Our multimedia presentations are designed to enable company personnel to deliver an engaging consistent message to induct new employees and visitors to project sites or any facility which requires induction.

We combine elements such as:

  • Video presentations from key personnel ensuring important messages are reinforced and always consistent
  • Site specific risks which are updated as the site progresses and hazards and working practices change
  • Maps depicting things like traffic flow, access routes and assembly points
  • Welfare facilities, environment and occupational health

Indeed anything which is a statutory requirement or just a need to know is included. But this is not a sit and watch presentation. To maintain interest and engagement, there is built in audience participation and when your presentation is delivered White Hart provides training to company personnel ensuring quality information is delivered consistently.

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