E-learning describes teaching and learning methods that are supported or facilitated by the use of technology. This could include accessing teaching resources and activities online; communication tools and multimedia; online assessment; and classroom technologies such as personal response systems and interactive whiteboards.

A key benefit of e-learning is the increased opportunity for dialogue it offers to students and teachers, which in turn enhances the learning experience.

With this mind, everyone should have the right to access online resources to improve learning and boost results. Research commissioned by the BBC and SAM Learning in 2008 found a correlation between improved results and the ability to access internet-based resources for enhanced periods of time.

Whitehart Multimedia designs and develops interactive e-Learning resources including games. In the past we have developed handover training for hospital and construction sites which is all very serious, but we are into the fun stuff too. James, the newest member of our team, is currently developing a game to test your skills in making cocktails – there’s never a dull moment here!

We will keep you posted with how this develops and hopefully post a link to the games soon for anyone to try.