Pre-condition Surveys are a useful visual tool for engineers, for example, who have yet to visit a site which they are to begin work on. Normally a piece of land or a building is photographed as visual evidence of its condition, together with the current state and proximity of nearby land and/or other buildings, prior to construction.

White Hart Multimedia has developed a Windows application that allows for photographic evidence to be interpreted through a  360º panoramic visual display similar to Google Streetview.  Our application has extra functionality as it allows the viewer to click any land and/or building (inside and outside) and see a full 360º panoramic survey that is up to date. Google Streetview is becoming increasingly out of date for finer details. With our application you can identify key features which can be clicked on and saved as a separate 2D image and add details, a useful function for engineers wanting to highlight unforeseen obstacles.

White Hart has used the application to survey the route of a trench taking a pipeline from mainline England to the Isle of Wight. The 360º panoramic visual display did indeed highlight a few obstacles that the engineers were unaware of. This allowed them time to come up with solutions before work on site. We have also been asked to conduct a Pre-Condition survey of a site where a hospital is going to be built in close proximity to other buildings using this technology.

Our developer is currently working on the application becoming a web based application with extra functionality. The application could also be used by estate agents and hotels, for example, as a cost effective way of visually representing a building or piece of land.