W.E Dowds - Safety training videos

We have worked with W.E. Dowds (Shipping) Ltd on many projects over a number of years. As a steel shipping company they undertake several high risk activities involving immensely heavy steel coils. They approached White Hart to create a series of training videos for their staff, covering their core activities. These include working in the hold of a ship, interface with rail wagons, chocking and lifting coils.

Our training developer, Chris Brooks, worked closely with the health and safety team to develop the most effective approach that would engage workers and give them the information they need. The resulting videos are between 3 and 5 minutes long and are intended to be watched before undertaking each activity for the first time, rather than all in one go. Filming took place over two and a half days, and we worked around W.E.Dowds’ schedule to minimise disruption to their workforce.

In addition to clearly showing the correct processes to follow for each activity, W.E.Dowds wanted the videos to be an example of best practice in terms of PPE usage, working environment and conduct to show their workers the standards they expect.

We are very pleased with the training videos White Hart produced for us. They understood our procedures and were able to create a script and storyboard to help filming days run smoothly, and we are delighted by the quality of the resulting videos. 

Lela Pirouet

Health & Safety Officer, W.E. Dowds (Shipping) Ltd.

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