ISG Inductions

White Hart has created a video for ISG Construction which they are now able to use on any of their sites as part of an overall induction for staff and operatives. The clip above is an excerpt from the full-length video, which is 13 minutes long and covers essential company information, values and health and safety information. An inductor can use this time to complete administration tasks for the new employees. The video ensures all new starters receive a consistent message from ISG. Since creating the original version, we have produced two regional variations with locally accented voiceovers – one for South Wales, and one for Scotland featuring comedian and actor Sanjeev Kohli.

To accompany the generic video we have created induction presentations for specific ISG sites. These presentations combine short videos presented by site personnel with slides, custom maps and silent video loops. The combination of video and graphics results in a much more dynamic and engaging presentation than “death by PowerPoint”. Where we have made presentations in Focusky, presenters are able to use an integrated drawing tool to show up-to-date information on maps, for example vehicle routes or assembly point locations. Other projects have opted for PowerPoint so that they can easily update the presentations themselves. In this case we have provided them with a branded template to work from.

Combining the generic video and site-specific presentation brings the time required for the induction process down to 30-45 minutes.

White Hart Multimedia fully understood our requirements and scope and were able to produce a bespoke induction process that fully engages the workforce and inductor. The induction gives a clear and consistent message to safeguard all those working on site using both video and multimedia presentation. Feedback has provided evidence that inductees leave the induction with greater knowledge and understanding when compared to a PowerPoint presentation

David Barber

Health and Safety Manager, ISG

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