Aim High - Reporting System

We’ve created storage and retrieval web service that allows each project to gather all its photos and videos in one place, allowing for easy, fast searches meaning a user can quickly find exactly what they need. The service is perfect for all ground-based or linear projects and sites such as highways, rail, waterways, airports, defence estates, parks and utility corridors (water, gas, electricity and telecoms).

Registered users take photographs on mobile phones, tablets or other devices and upload the image via PicData to a secure server. Photographs are tagged to categorise the reason they were taken e.g. general progress, good/poor practice, incident, Considerate Constructors. Comments can be added to each file.

We’ve offer this as a bespoke package for each company and project, so you can keep track of project specific aims, safety issues and incidents. We’ve recently delivered this package for Align HS2

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