SCS Driver Inductions

White Hart creates engaging video inductions to streamline any onboarding process, our video inductions include drone footage, animations, interviews and site footage.

SCS have a huge number of sites over London and the surrounding area. There are strict guidelines to follow when delivering to each of the sites. Therefore, we needed to distill this information into clear and digestible content for all delivery drivers.

Our solution was to create an overarching driver video induction that outlines the key information relevant to all sites. This includes general SCS policies, compliance checks, PPE requirements, etc. This was then supported by a series of site-specific videos for each of the individual sites, which would be delivered via an online portal when a driver is confirmed. These include animated maps of the route into sites and any information specific to the site they were attending.

Each of these video inductions were then translated to 6 different languages, to reflect and accommodate the nationalities of the SCS drivers. Offering these language options gave them the added reassurance that drivers understand the information needed, thereby minimising disruption on site.

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Our focus is training, induction and corporate video production. But it’s not all about videos – we also create dynamic multimedia presentations, photographic surveys, engaging e-learning, websites and training courses.

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