PwC and Witherslack Group

Witherslack Group are the UK’s leading provider of specialist education and care for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs, communication difficulties including autistic spectrum disorders, and complex learning needs.

PwC contacted White Hart to develop a suite of promotional videos within an interactive map for Witherslack, aimed at local authorities, service users and investors. Filming took place across the country over 11 days, often filming two or even three locations within a day. We interviewed staff members and edited together a case study of each of the group’s 15 schools as well as several of their children’s homes.

The videos capture the atmosphere of the schools and homes, reflecting the Witherslack brand.

The project we worked on with White Hart was a particularly important piece of work for our Group. We needed to complete a significant amount of filming across our business with minimal disruption within an extremely tight timeframe. The White Hart team worked extremely effectively with us and delivered a great end product that produced the desired results for the project. We would certainly consider working with them in the future.

Matthew Boyle

Marketing and Communications Manager, Witherslack Group Ltd

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