Construction Video Footage - Bouygues

White Hart capture high quality construction video footage including, drone, b-roll and interviews on behalf of many clients, including Bouygues, across several major UK construction projects. When we capture construction video footage for other clients we receive specific briefs to conduct interviews with key figures on site and showcasing project innovations. Additionally, we have filmed creative b-roll of site activities and events, providing a valuable bank of assets for use in future edits. We have also captured cinematic drone footage with our partners Drone Tech Aerospace, which adds a dynamic and captivating element to any video.

This footage is then sent to Bouygues, so that their media and comms team can edit the videos in their brand style. White Hart’s role as Bouygues’ UK media production specialists shows their trust in the quality of materials we produce. It also has environmental benefits – they are not regularly flying a team in from France!

Some of the more recent content we’ve captured has been used to provide VR site experiences in exhibitions across the globe.

White Hart Multimedia’s services include corporate video production, mobile learning and photographic surveys. We create high quality multimedia packages for our clients, working across a wide range of industries; for instance these include construction, utilities, education and healthcare. And because we work quickly and resourcefully, we may be more affordable than you think.

So, no matter who you are and what you need, we can help.


Our focus is training, induction and corporate video production. But it’s not all about videos – we also create dynamic multimedia presentations, photographic surveys, engaging e-learning, websites and training courses.

We will work with you to create meaningful content, whether you want to communicate within your business, or get information out to your stakeholders and the public.

Our in-house team of production superheroes are flexible, with a wide range of skills. This means we’re not limited to just one product or industry; whatever you want to do, we will find a way to do it. Our skills include graphics and animation, photography, training, foreign languages and, of course, video production.

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