Online reporting systems

White Hart Multimedia specialises in online solutions for hazard and near miss reporting.

We recently produced an online hazard & near miss reporting system for one of our construction clients. The programme was customised to fit the requirements of each project, allowing employees to report hazards on a tablet situated in welfare or on any mobile device or computer that could access the internet.

Implementation of an online hazard and near miss reporting system has an initial setup and first year support licence fee, followed by a yearly licence fee which covers hosting, monthly text service, phone support and the switching on of areas and levels as they are built.

You can access our demonstration site by clicking here. This is a demo site so feel free to submit your own reports. Once a report has been submitted the appointed manager for that area is notified by email, the report is then dealt with and the person who made the report is notified by text message stating what actions were taken. This demonstrates the reporting side of the system only – if you would like to access the manager section of the report, and find out more about our hazard & near miss system, please contact us.

Our experts are happy to discuss your health and safety requirements and create bespoke applications.

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